Support & Guidance to Help You Figure Out Your Life After College

I would be lying to you if I told you that you are going to leave college as a fully formed adult who has it all figured out. No one. Not even me, has it all figured out. Life is a journey, a continual process of figuring things out and taking next steps, of pivoting and changing. The transition from college to full fledged adult life can be just as scary and uncomfortable as leaving for college, except this time there is no new student orientation to help you.


Post-Collegehood Connections Private Facebook Community

I know that Facebook probably isn’t your thing, but there is a reason millennials use it so much. It’s a really good way to connect with your friends and make new friends when adult life tosses you in different directions. This private facebook group is a space to share resources, connect, and ask questions as you navigate life after college. It’s not only a chance to build a network of other young adults trying to figure it out, but you’ll also hear from me and have a chance to pick my brain and ask me questions about navigating this super awkward time of life.