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Want some help figuring what to do with your life?


Come Explore Your Options in the Life Lab

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Many of us have a really hard time figuring out what to do with our lives because we just don’t have enough information or experience to make a clear decision. It turns out, you can’t think your way to the right path. You need to explore and experiment in order to clearly determine the steps you need to take to make your dream your reality.

The Life Lab is designed to help you gather the information and experiences you need to choose a major that will prepare you for a life and career that you can get excited about. One that will pay the bills and bring your joy and fulfillment. Something that is sustainable and can help make the world better.

In this 3-Module Progam You Will:

Craft Your Dream: Identify a dream that considers your unique personality, talents, values, and lifestyle goals. 

→ Understand What You Need to Make it Happen: Understand what skills, connections, and experiences you need to prepare for your life's work. 

→ Gain Relevant Experiences: Learn exactly how to zero in on your ideal career opportunity while you build a network and gain the experiences you need to land the job.