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Hi I'm Katy!

I believe you have the power to create a truly fulfilling and rewarding life during college. I'm here to help you gain clarity, improve academic performance, and boost productivity. So that you can clear overwhelm and confusion and take full advantage of all the amazing opportunities the college experience offers. 


Who I Work With

Just Starting Out

You want to start college off right, but you feel overwhelmed by all the work, confused about your major, and stressed out. You’ve been given so much advice you’re not sure where to even start, and you secretly wonder how everyone else has it together.

You’ve got questions like:

  • What should I major in?
  • How do I figure out my life?
  • How do I get all my stuff done?
  • How do I improve my grades?
  • How to find time for fun and school?

I help you clear the overwhelm and bring your goals into focus. We’ll design an action plan so that you can maximize your investment in your college experience.


Looking to Improve

You’ve got a few semesters in college under your belt, but things are not working out how you hoped they would. You feel like you’ve spent a few too many semesters in the wrong major, your gpa isn’t where you want it to be, or you’ve just graduated and have no idea what you want to do now.

You’ve got questions like:

  • Maybe I should change my major?
  • Should I transfer to a new school?
  • Should I quit college and get a job?
  • How do I improve my grades?

I help you craft a strategy for getting back on track with your collegehood experience. I help you find a major that aligns with you, assess the adjustments in your day to day to level-up your fulfillment and performance, and harness your strengths and skills to improve your academic performance.


Services & Pricing

Mini success lab

$180 — You’ve mostly got this college thing down, but have a few spots that need a little work. You’ve nearly landed on a major, but need a little help finalizing your decision. Your grades are good, but you want them to be amazing. You’re organized, but you feel a little stressed. In these coaching sessions, we'll tackle one specific component of your college experience that needs a little sprucing up. 

  • 1-hour Starter Session
  • 1-hour Action Plan Session
  • Private Facebook Group

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Semester Success Lab

$995/semester — You’re ready to shorten your learning curve and take positive action on your college experience. If you’re looking for a custom plan and individual attention this is for you. In this 3-month Collegehood strategy lab, we’ll dive deep into your college experience and create action steps that help you find the right major, get organized, improve academic performance, and level-up your college experience.

  • Weekly Sessions all Semester Long
  • Email Support for Students & Parents
  • Private Facebook Group

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Working with Katy has helped me learn about myself, and that we all have to pave our own roads. I’ve learned to see different perspectives and ask questions. Katy’s guidance is invaluable, and I’m grateful to have met her.

Amy C. | Austin, Texas


I was overwhelmed with the thought of returning to school after 15+ years. After being out of school for so long, I had many questions on how to navigate my way back into the system. With Katy's insight and understanding of the University system, not only was I able to find answers to my questions, but also have her insiders perspective on my individual circumstance. We were able to lay out all my questions and concerns on the table and prioritize my desires in accordance with the prospective Universities framework in mind. From there we established what would be the most practical and seamless route for me to reenter into the academic life. Thanks to Katy and her knowledge the prospect of returning to school was made much less daunting.

Beau D. | New York, New York