How I Learned to Ask for Help

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Do you hate asking for help? Maybe you feel like you should be able to take care of things or feel like you're bothering people or maybe you don't want to admit you need help. Whatever the reason, learning to ask for help is one of the most difficult and critical skills we can build during our college experience. 

Join, college success coach, Katy Oliveira and college sophomore and host of A Genuine Girl, Meredith Mistrot to explore how she is working to ask for help in her own life and how asking for help has eased some of the early challenges she faced during college.

More About Meredith Mistrot

A Genuine Girl Podcast Host Meredith Mistrot.

Meredith Mistrot is a college student trying to be her most genuine self in a world where young adults are often encouraged to be someone they're not. Meredith sensed that this was a problem as soon as she stepped foot on her college campus, and it quickly sparked her passion to make a difference.

After one semester at school, this passion came to life as she formed her own brand, A Genuine Girl. Through her podcast, blog, and social media, Meredith hopes to be a relatable resource to college women while showing them the power that comes from being genuine regardless of what the world thinks.


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