Pathway Profile Series: Artipreneur

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This month on the Pathway Profile Series we’re exploring how to knit your many passions into one unique career.

Each month the Pathway Profile Series sheds light on to the many ways we can create meaning and fulfillment in our lives by sharing with you how different people have figured out what they want to do with their time on earth and how they are making it happen. If you or someone you know has a story to share on Pathway Profiles get started by completing our guest application. Your story doesn’t have to be about something exceptional or grand. I’m looking to share stories from students and full-fledged adults that highlight how you’re creating a life that is in alignment with you.

Today, I’m chatting with Articulturalist and Entrepreneur Monique Capanelli about how she knit together her passion for art, design, psychology, and plants together into her living design company and boutique, Articulture Designs. Monique also shares so much wisdom about how she turned her passions into a thriving business, how she learned to use her voice and how she pushes through setbacks.

More About Monique Capanelli


"Artrepreneur" Monique Capanelli launched Articulture Designs in 2009 in a home studio. She remains the creative force as principal designer at Articulture, which has grown significantly to the current 2,200 square-foot studio/boutique with a staff of "Articulturists." 

Though an Austinite for 20+ years, Monique’s green thumb first originated in Sonoma County, were her restaurateur parents went organic before such a certification existed. She feels lucky that her work includes many of her life’s passions: plants, art, environment, and design. 

Frequently featured in magazines and on television for her groundbreaking approach to design, plants, and art, Monique is equally proud of creating a successful, multi-faceted business. She strives to give back to the communities that supported her through volunteering, providing internships, and donating to causes supporting woman entrepreneurs and art students. 

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