How to Have Your Most Motivated Semester Ever

How to Have Your Most Motivated Semester Ever

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Are you ready to have your best semester ever?

I find that at the beginning of each new semester motivation to “do better” is at its highest. A fresh semester brings with it new goals, new opportunities, and a desire to improve performance this time around.

But…if your fresh start isn’t supported by systems and habits you can actually sustain for the entire semester your will power to “do better” will soon burn out and you’ll find yourself just as unmotivated as you were last semester.

Rather than just hoping you’re gonna do better this semester. I want you to actually follow through and stick with it this time.

I know it’s hard as hell to implement systems, stick to new habits, and stay accountable to your goals by yourself. That’s why on September 2-6, 2019, I’m holding a Free 5-Day Challenge to help you have your most motivated semester ever.

I first ran this challenge last March to help you pull yourself out of the mid-semester slump that often happens around spring break.

But, I want you to not only boost your motivation mid-semester, I want you to start your semester with a strong connection to what you’re trying to accomplish and why. So you can actually make it happen this time.

On the show today is one of the students who participated in the spring challenge to share how she used the techniques and support offered in the challenge to boost her motivation and reach her goals last semester.

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More About Fernanda Cuevas

Fernanda Cuevas is a student violinist. She plans to study Music Education at The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) this upcoming Fall. She has been playing the violin for 7 years for her school orchestras. She has also been a part of the Youth Orchestras of San Antonio (YOSA) for 4 years. In the Summer of 2019, she volunteered to work with YOSA’s Summer Symphony Camp where she got the opportunity to work along with their operations team, as well as with the students. She has studied violin under Laura Scalzo, a first violinist with The San Antonio Symphony. Fernanda lives in San Antonio, Texas.

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Ready to Join the Free 5-Day Most Motivated Semester Ever Challenge?

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