How to Place Your Purpose at the Center of Your College Experience

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Can we find financially viable careers that correspond with our strengths, values, and mission in life (a.k.a. our purpose). You bet ya! In this episode, guest Anjali Maazel and Katy explore not only how you can pursue your purpose and still pay your bills, but why placing purpose at the center of your college and life experience is essential to leading a fulfilling and healthy life long term.

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What We Cover in This Episode:

Why your life purpose is related to long term health. The research is in and it points strongly to a correlation between purpose and long term health.

How your choices can help you have both a sense of fulfillment and financial stability. Turns out you’ve got choices. You choose how you hone your skills, how you take advantage of experience, and how you spend your time. These choices each impact both your sense of fulfillment and your financial stability.

What purpose is and how you can start to uncover your’s. Learn how exploring your world is the key to discovering your purpose and honing your skills.

Why following your purpose isn’t an airy fairy dream. There are more opportunities to combine purpose and work than ever before. Learn steps you can take to place your purpose at the center of your education and professional development.

How artificial Intelligence and automation are rapidly shifting the nature of work. Learn why your parent’s and grandparent’s career advice doesn’t necessarily apply to your career reality.

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More About Anjali Maazel

A former Princeton University interviewer, Ted Talk Speaker, and mother of a thriving college student, Anjali draws on her international background in teaching, writing, PR, and the arts to help students maximize their chances of admission and scholarships. Her mission is to give students the skills to shape their talents and passions into a rewarding and successful life of purpose through her proprietary Talent Development Process. As a result, she transforms stress into excitement, and the college admissions experience becomes a journey of self-discovery. She feels privileged to work with teens and their families at such a pivotal moment in their lives.

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