How to Bounce Back from Academic Probation

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In this episode, guest Alicia Sepulveda and Katy share insights and practical strategies to help you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and come back strong after landing on academic probation. Academic probation happens. It doesn’t mean you aren’t meant for college it just means you need to shift something. This episode is also a great listen for anyone looking to simply improve their academic performance next semester.

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In This Episode You’ll Learn:

Why Universities Even Have Academic Probation. Academic probation is your university’s way of notifying you that you’re not currently thriving in college. This red flag usually drives your university to connect you to more comprehensive academic support.

The Leading Reasons Students Go on Academic Probation. Academic probation is not something that happens to people who aren’t smart enough to be in college. A wide range of circumstances and skills deficits can lead perfectly brilliant people to fail a semester.

How to Approach Working with the Support Staff on Your Campus. Your campus might require you to meet regularly with someone on your campus to help you stay accountable. These people want you to thrive. Learn how to leverage their support.

The Steps You Can Take to Improve Your Performance. Alicia walks you through how you can explore what worked and what didn’t so you can create a success strategy for next semester.

Red Flags that You Might Need to Change Something. You know yourself best, but you are also constantly learning new things about yourself and your priorities. We mention a few different clues that you aren’t setting yourself up for success.

The Number One Resource to Use on Your Campus. Alicia shares the person to seek help from first on your campus when you need help.

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More About Alicia Sepulveda

Alicia is a first-generation graduate from a small town in central Florida. She went to Florida State University where she earned her Bachelor's degree in Family and Child Sciences and a Master's degree in Social Work. She has coached 100's of college students across the country to not only graduate, but find purpose and meaning in their college life. She is currently working at University of Colorado, Boulder as an Academic Coach, where she works with students on academic probation. And is the host of the College Life podcast.

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