Pathway Profile: Balancing Mechanical Engineering & Outdoor Adventure with Sam Chaneles

Pathway Profile: Balancing Mechanical Engineering & Outdoor Adventure with Sam Chaneles

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I am over the moon to introduce you to a brand new series I’ve been working on this summer, the Pathway Profile series. Each month I’ll be devoting one episode of the podcast to telling stories about how people at different stages of life are crafting their own unique pathways.

These episodes shed light on the many ways we can create meaning and fulfillment in our lives by sharing with you how different people have figured out what they want to do with their time on earth and how they are making it happen. If you or someone you know has a story to share on Pathway Profiles get started by completing our guest application. Your story doesn’t have to be about something exceptional or grand. I’m looking to share stories from students and full-fledged adults that highlight how you’re creating a life that is in alignment with you.

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Today, I am kicking off the Pathway Profile series by sharing the journey of a current college junior, Sam Chaneles. Sam is a Mechanical Engineering student at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, GA. And the founder of Engineered for Adventure a blog devoted to empowering others to experience the wonder of the outdoors. Sam has a passion for the outdoors and loves backpacking, mountaineering, skiing, golf, running, and many other sports. Sam got his start backpacking in Alaska and has been trekking ever since, hopping around the globe for adventures! When on campus, Sam is a trip and expedition leader, as well as the student president, for Outdoor Recreation Georgia Tech, one of the nation’s largest college outdoor recreation programs.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

How Sam determined what to study during college. Learn how mentors helped Sam identify a major that helps him do what he loves.

Why it’s important to figure out what you’re good at and what you like to do. What we like to do has more to do with skills than context. Learn why it’s important to find what stimulates you inner nerd at a very basic level.

How Sam balances going on outdoor adventures around the world with life as a college student. College is about way more than where you go, what you major in, and what grades you earn. It’s an opportunity to start living YOUR life. Learn how Sam balances pursuing his passions with being a student.

How being involved on his campus is empowering him to pursue adventure and personally develop. Campus involvement is a great place to learn practical and concrete skills that will prepare you for adult life beyond college. Learn what transferable skills and tools Sam has acquired by being highly involved on his campus.

How to be an active participant in the life experiment. Sam believes that we are active creators of our life experience and I couldn’t agree more. Learn how to move past waiting for life to happen to you and get out their and use life to create interesting and meaningful experiences.

Links and Resources From This Episode:

Remember you have the power to create a better college experience. Now get out there and take your next best step. If you enjoyed the show share it with a friend and leave a review here.

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