How to Become Your Own Advocate

How to Become Your Own Advocate

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In today’s episode guest Sol Wooten is on the show to talk about why it’s so stinking important for you to learn how to advocate for yourself. The art of getting really comfortable communicating your needs, desire, and boundaries with others is an essential part of becoming a high functioning adult.

Sol breaks it all down for you and provides super simple strategies that you can start using today to help you become your own best advocate.

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In This Episode You’ll Learn:

What self advocacy is. The professionals on your campus expect you to advocate for yourself, but what does that even mean? Sol will walk you through what advocacy is all about.

The most common obstacles to self advocacy. Putting yourself out there can be really scary. We don’t want to be judged or rejected, but once we identify the obstacles to self advocacy it become much easier to overcome them.

How to overcome self advocacy obstacles. When we don’t advocate for our own needs and desires we can put others needs before our own and limit our ability to access relevant opportunity. Sol gives you a few pointers on how to overcome our fears and discomfort when it comes to advocating for ourselves.

Concrete strategies to help you strengthen your self advocacy. Self advocacy is a skill you can develop. Sol shares several super simple strategies to help you improve your ability to share you needs with others.

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More About Sol Wooten

Sol Wooten grew up in Austin and received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Cornell College. Upon her return to her favorite city, she worked as an Executive Function Coach for two years before going on to co-found WholeMinde Skills Training. As a Skills Trainer and Mentor, Sol works with teenagers and young adults to help them become more productive, socially confident, healthier and happier. She specializes in supporting young people with ADHD and executive functioning challenges. In addition to working one-on-one with clients, Sol presents at local private and public schools on topics such as "Becoming Willpowerful" and "Understanding Executive Functioning". When she isn't thinking about how awesome her clients are and what she can do to support them, Sol is usually working on a poem or adding books to her "To Read" list faster than she can keep up!

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