3 Things to Accomplish at New Student Orientation

3 Things to Accomplish at New Student Orientation

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You’re heading off to college! Congratulations! It might not quite feel real yet, but your college experience starts the moment you step foot on campus for new student orientation not when you start class this fall.

Taking full advantage of your time at orientation will help you make an even smoother transition from high school to college. Orientation is not only your chance to register for classes and check out your residence hall, it’s also a time to start to visualize life away at college and connect with your campus’s community and traditions.

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What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • Why you want to familiarize yourself with more than just your residence hall and the coffee shop. College campuses can be massive and your classes might be everywhere. Orientation is a great time to start literally orienting yourself in the campus space so that you aren’t completely lost on your first day.

  • Why you should make friends with more than just other freshman. In college you’ll connect with a wide range of people from all over the world. That means it’s important to start building relationships with people outside of your “grade.” Orientation will provide a chance to meet upperclass students, faculty, and staff eager to support you during your transition.

  • Why you should visit support resources now. Even the most prepared student needs guidance and support to succeed during college. Paying attention to the support services on your campus now can payoff big later.

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