How to Have an Actual Conversation About Sex

How to Have an Actual Conversation About Sex

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April is Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention month so we’re going to spend the next few episodes with Oronde Cruger and Catherine Buxton of Speak About It chatting about how to build healthy sexual relationships.

In this week’s episode, Oronde and Catherine are here to get down and dirty and talk about sex, dating, hooking up, consent and healthy relationships. That's what Speak About It has done with over 300,000 college students. There's so much mixed messaging around dating, sex, gender, and relationships when you're in college. And the worst part? Talking about it is so awkward, right? But it doesn't have to be! The consent educators at Speak About It are young people like you. They talk about some of the tools and tips they use in their consent and healthy relationship programs that help students make that sex talk with their partners (and themselves) such much less awkward and so much more fun.

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In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Why it’s so awkward to talk about sex. It’s not just you, it’s you and everyone else.

  • Why you really should talk about sex. Not just with your partner, but with your peers, parents and most importantly yourself.

  • What it looks like to be in a healthy sexual relationship. They give you a framework for developing the skills to listen to others needs and share your own needs.

  • How to express your needs. And it starts with knowing what you want and saying it to yourself.

  • Why its okay to be wrong. Not knowing is part of the human condition, its okay to just ask.

Oronde and Catherine will be on the show next week to continue our conversation. We’ll be talking more about sex, sexting, and consent.

Links and Resources From This Episode:

More About Speak About It, Oronde Cruger and Catherine Buxom

Speak About It is a consent education and sexual assault prevention organization. Our performance-based programs provide young people with the tools to speak openly and honestly about sex, dating, and healthy sexuality. Based in Portland, Maine, we have brought our educational and empowering programs to over 350,000 college and high school students in 28 states, as well as to community centers, parent groups, restaurants and more. Learn more at or @wespeakaboutit across social media, or tune in to our podcast the Hot Goss-cast on iTunes!

Oronde Cruger is the program manager for Speak About It. A graduate of Bowdoin College, he has worked with Speak About It in some capacity since its founding and has worked in sex education, health, and higher education for almost a decade. He is also the co-founder of Heart of Hospitality, a bias and harassment prevention coalition for bars and restaurants in Maine.

Catherine Buxton is the communications manager for Speak About It. She built her passion for gender justice, violence prevention, and reproductive health with the Dutchess County Domestic Violence Services, Science Club for Girls, and Planned Parenthood of Northern New England. She is also an actor and performance artist, and loves that Speak About It combines both these passions.

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