5 Academic Policies You Need to Know About

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Sometimes you just need to cut your losses. Yes, it’s admirable to try your hardest. Yes, you should get help and try to improve when things start to go awry. Yes, you shouldn’t give up. Those are all very honorable sentiments. And yes, you should do those things. But sometimes even all of that effort isn’t enough to right the ship, so to speak.

Which means you may need an escape hatch. Your university has created an academic escape hatch, well several actually. These policies are meant to help you out when you bump into extenuating circumstances that stand to threaten your ability to be academically successful.

Many students aren’t aware of these policies until they are in the thick of a personal emergency or really bad decision, so today on the show, Dr. Lana Jackman is on to share why your academic advisor is one of the most important humans on your campus and 5 key academic policies they can help you access in a pickle.

Now I want to hear from you.

Have you every had to use one of the academic policies we share on the show today? If so, how did it help. We’d love to hear your wisdom in the comments. Or come over to instagram and send me a DM. I’m @collegehoodadvicepodcast.

More About Dr. Lana Jackman

Co-founded by Dr. Lana W. Jackman, College Success Life is a blog dedicated to helping undergraduate and graduate students access the “insider” information they need to achieve their individual college and career goals.

As a first-generation college graduate, Dr. Lana, as she is known in family circles, loves to share “insider tips and strategies” that will help learners of all ages pursue college and career success.

A committed higher education advocate, Dr. Lana spent many years of her professional career serving in such roles as an associate dean of enrollment services, director of student financial aid, academic and career adviser, senior academic program officer, and adjunct faculty.

Dr. Lana is principal of Mélange Information Services, a workforce development consulting practice that is also home base for College Success life.

Dr. Lana earned her PhD in educational studies from Lesley University, an EdM from Harvard Graduate School of Education, and a BA in Politics from University of Massachusetts at Boston.  She is co-author of College Success Diet and author of College Success Lab, an app available in the Apple and Google Play app stores. Her research interests focus on academic advising practices, information literacy, outcomes-based assessment, user education, health literacy, and evidence-based decision making.

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