How to Get Better at Math

How to Get Better at Math

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Math. You either love it or hate it. My own relationship with math has been on and off again, but mostly off.

Over the years, I’ve had many conversations with my students about their struggles with math. They say things like: “I suck at math” and “I’m not a math person” or “I’m good at writing not math.”

I’ve know other students who feel like they totally understand the content being covered in class, but despite this totally bomb the test.

What’s that about?

I know that used to happen to me. I would track along with what my professor during class. Do fine on the homework. But when it came time for the exam, I would have no idea how to work the problems and barely pass.

I’ve since learned that like writing, math is nothing more than a skill that anyone can learn with a little time and practice.

Today my guest, longtime math teacher, Paul Lambert shares his insights on why math is tricky to master for many of us and concrete strategies for developing your math skills no matter your current level of math proficiency.

On this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why so many of us struggle with math

  • How to improve your math skills

  • Strategies for getting an A on your next math exam

  • When it’s time to hire a math tutor

Now I want to hear from you:

Send me a DM on Instagram @collegehoodadvice and tell me which strategy from today’s episode you’re going to try out. What step can you take right now to begin getting better at math. I really do want to know...reach out over DM over @collegehoodadvice

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