Learn to Love Yourself

Learn to Love Yourself

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Our digitally connected world may have made us more vulnerable to haters than ever before, but some of the worst bullying isn’t coming from online trolls, it’s coming from ourselves.

We tend to be our own worst critics. Our ability to judge and abuse ourself can be just as detrimental and limiting as the hateful acts of someone else.

Acceptance and self-love are critical to a happy and successful life. Our best work often comes from the very things that make us “weird.” Learning to embrace our flaws, leverage our weaknesses, and transform adversity into opportunity is an essential aspect of finding fulfilling work and making unique contributions to society.

This week guest Sanah Jivani the Founder & CEO of the Love Your Natural Self Foundation and current college senior shares how she transformed her own adversity into a movement to help others learn to love themselves.

In This Episode Katy and Sanah Chat About:

  • Why It’s Important to Be Kind and Loving to Yourself. In this world of optimization, we’re often taught to identify areas of improvement, but what if our quirks, flaws, imperfections were really the source of our super powers?

  • Why Self-Love is a Process not an Outcome. Self-love is not a goal to achieve, but rather something we must work on and practice daily.

  • How to Transform Adversity into Something Positive. Sanah shares how she transformed her experience with cruelness and bullying into a national holiday and foundation.

  • How to Balance Work and College. After starting a non-profit at age 15, Sanah shares why she still went of to college and how she balances her roles of student and CEO.

  • How to Apply What You Learn in Class to Real Life. Learn to apply routine classroom experiences like lessons and projects to important work beyond the classroom.


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More About Sanah Jivani:

Sanah Jivani is a member of the Honors College and is pursuing a double major  in sociology and communication at The University of Texas at San Antonio. She is also the second ever Harry S. Truman Scholar in her universities history. She is the founder and CEO of a non-profit organization called The Love Your Natural Self Foundation, which she started after losing all of her hair to Alopecia in the seventh grade and subsequently struggling with her own low self-worth. Her organization has reached over 30,000 students in 100 schools and 28 countries through a curriculum that focuses on the social and emotional wellness of young people. Outside of her work with her non-profit, she is one of 30  We Are Family Foundation's Global Teen Leaders, a member of the American Association of University Women Student Advisory Council and the America’s Promise Alliance Board of Trustees, a Pearson Student Advisor, a State Farm Youth Advisory Board Member, a DoSomething and College Board Youth Advisory Council Member, and a 2016-2017 Character Counts Person of Character. She plans to continue to advocate for the inclusion of curricula focuses on social and emotional development in schools and to continue working with students, educators, and policy makers.

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