Why You Want to Get Involved Outside of The Classroom

Why You Want to Get Involved Outside of The Classroom

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Are you thinking about getting more involved on your campus, but aren’t quite sure where to start?

College is about way more than the degree (although that’s super important). Your tuition dollars are paying for learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom. When surveyed recent college grads point to things like leadership, mentors, experiences, internships, and projects as the most valuable takeaways from college. Studies also show that students who are engaged and involved on campus perform better and connect better than students who aren’t.

In this episode, Melissa Ruiz of Swift Kick joins me to share her insights on why getting involved outside of the classroom is an important part of the college experience you don’t want to miss.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

Why college is like a dance floor. Those in the center of it all are having fun making new friends and you should join them!

How to let your inner geek guide you: College is jam packed with opportunities. It’s just the place to join or even start a club about the things you love to geek out on.

Why you don’t have to be a super leader to get a lot out of involvement: There are many ways to get involved and make an impact. Don’t feel like you have to be the leader to make a difference.

How to knit together all aspects of your college experience. It might seem like your classes, major, work, and orgs are all separate, but the real magic can happen when you knit these things together into one cohesive experience.


If you’re already super involved invite a friend to join you. If you aren’t involved yet, whats one baby step you can take to get more involved on your campus? Tell us about it in the comments below, DM me over on Instagram @collegehoodadvice or tag me @collegehoodadvice and Melissa @melissa.a.ruiz.

More About Melissa Ruiz

Melissa Ruiz, MSW began her career in higher education in Conferences and Events, before transitioning into Residence Life and then Student Life and Academic Advising. She jokingly says there isn’t a job in Student Affairs she hasn’t done yet.Melissa is part of a facilitation team at Swift Kick that has been named the best leadership program an unprecedented 6 years and has already trained over half a million leaders around the US and the world including South Korea, Indonesia, and Bermuda. She also co-authored the Amazon.com award winning book “First Year Student to First Year Success.”

Once upon a time, Melissa was a competitive dancer and placed first runner up in the Miss New Jersey pageant. She is also a personal trainer and now lives in New York City.


Remember you have the power to create a better college experience. If you enjoyed this episode let us know! We’d love to hear what you think. Leave a review here.

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