3 Common Goal Setting Mistakes

3 Common Goal Setting Mistakes

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How would you like to set rock solid goals you can actually achieve this semester?

If you’ve ever set a goal that you forgot all about or that was a big fat fail. I strongly recommend checking in to see if it included one of these common goal setting mishaps.

Goals can be a great way to keep you on track, but like anything else they can work against you when they aren’t quite right. If you’ve ever beat yourself up because you didn’t met your goals or you’ve ever felt really unmotivated to do the things you need to do to reach your goals one of these common goal setting mistakes might just be at the bottom of it.

In This Episode You’ll Learn Three Common Goal Setting Mistakes To Avoid:

Too Vague: I share why super specific goals are more attainable than vague generic ones. As well as a few pointers for how to go from “doing better” to identifying what exactly doing better actually means.

Too Long Term: Have you ever blanked when someone asked you about your 5 or 10 year goals? Me too! Long term goals can seem to far away and fuzzy. I walk you through why thinking in smaller timelines can not only help you achieve your original goals, but can also help you know when it’s time to change direction.

Not Your Own: Are your goals really your goals? Or are they based in someone else’s expectations? Learn how to decipher if your current goals are really something you want, and why knowing the motivation behind your goals is so critical to actually accomplishing them.

As we hit the new year running, let’s forget about trying to become something we’re not, or striving for picture perfect ideals that may always be out of reach. This episode will inspire you to create your best space, while working with and appreciating what you’ve already got.


Share one of Your specific and short term goals with me either in the comments or by DM over on Instagram @collegehoodadvice.


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