No-nonsense Self-Care for Everyone

No-nonsense Self-Care for Everyone

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In this episode, The Peaceful Professor, Dr. Jessica Smith, shares her favorite strategies and tools for helping you navigate the challenges and stressors that college life presents.

Stress is a normal part of the human experience. It protect us and can be very beneficial in many ways.  But for many of us, the demands of college dramatically amplify stress to overwhelming and unhealthy levels that can negatively impact our overall mental health.

The tools we share today are intended to help reduce stress and improve overall wellbeing. These strategies should not be used to treat mental health issues. If you are experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety, extreme stress, or other mental health issues you should seek help from a medical professional.

Dr. Jessica Smith Shares the Following Insights on Self-Care and How Anyone Can Incorporate it into Their Daily Life:

  • Why stress is a safe and totally natural human experience. That becomes problematic when it interferes with your ability to function.

  • An overview of common campus resources to help you manage stress and mental health.

  • Why self-care isn’t frivolous, pampering.

  • Why self-care is a matter of personal taste.

  • Her Golden Rules of Self Care

This episode is for aspiring college students, current college students, recent grads, and parents looking to reduce stress and take better care of themselves.

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Today’s homework:

Incorporate 1 simple self-care practice into your daily routine. Then tell us about it in the comments below, DM me on Instagram, or tag @collegehoodadvice and @thepeacefulprof.

More About Dr. Jessica Smith

Jessica Smith has taught hundreds of students in her ten years working on college campuses.  Her time in the classroom made it quite clear that many students are heavily burdened under the weight of high expectations and overwhelming stress, which contribute to mental health challenges that interfere with their wellness and success.  Drawing on her experience as a professor as well as her training as a Wellcoaches® Certified Personal Coach, Jessica supports students and their families, helping them to build a toolbox of skills, resources, and strategies that will help them have a happier and healthier college experience.  You can find Jessica on InstagramTwitterPinterest, and her website.

Links and resources mentioned in this episode:

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