3 Ways to Maximize Life in Your College Town

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This episode is devoted to exploring life outside of your college campus. Whether your school is nestled in a massive metropolis or the center of a rural town, there are unique opportunities to explore and take advantage of while you call that town home.

Guest Moira Mccullough, the founder of College Scoops, is on the show to talk about how College Scoops can help you find the best spots to eat, stay, and explore in your college town. Plus, she offers my listeners an opportunity to share your favorite spots around your college.

Here are the 3 ways to maximize life in any college town explored in the episode:

  • Dining & Exploring

  • Civic Engagement

  • Industry Networking

Whether you are in the process of selecting your college, new to your college town, or a well seasoned local this episode has something for you.

What things do you love to do in your college town? Share your experience with us in the comments.

More About Moira Mccullough

Moira McCullough founded College Scoops after spending countless hours scouting college campuses with her three college-bound teenagers. A devoted foodie with a serious case of wanderlust, she has developed surefire itineraries for over 120 college campuses working with over 400+ student ambassadors who have shared their inside scoops of favorite places to eat, stay and explore on and around campus. College Scoops has over 12k visitors on our various social media platforms and new colleges and student ambassadors are joining College Scoops every week. If you are interested in representing your favorite places around campus, reach out to College Scoops via email (sweettravels.online@gmail.com) or Instagram!

Moira has a BA from Fairfield University and an MBA from Columbia Business School. After spending many years in the technology and consulting fields while living in New York City, London, and Paris, Moira has focused the last several years on raising her family, volunteering, and launching her College Scoops business.

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