4 Things You're Doing to Annoy Your Professors

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Professors consider you to be mostly a fully formed adult, this means they also expect you to act like one. Most professors have zero desire to discipline their students. They don’t have a principle to send you to or a parent to call when you disrupt the class. Instead, they will deduct points from participation grades or avoid recommending you for opportunities. In truly terrible situations they can recommend you withdraw or they can report you to the Dean of Students at your campus.

For the most part this is probably not new information. If you are in college, you most likely noticed or have been told that the university considers you an adult and intends to treat you like one. You already know you should be respectful, turn in your work, and take care of your business.

But there are some seemingly innocent behaviors that even the most respectful and earnest student engages in that made professors absolutely bananas.

4 Things That Annoy Professors

Arriving to Class Late

Sometimes this one is unavoidable, but as a general rule of thumb try to get to class a few minutes early. Even if your professor doesn’t have a strict rule that bars you from entering the class late, you should try really hard not to arrive after the start of class. It is really distracting to both your professor and fellow students. No matter how respectfully and discretely you enter it draws attention away from the work happening in classroom. Plus, you are missing really important information. Many professors share news and announcements that you don’t want to miss right at the top of class.

Talking During Class

I know this is the first thing in your learn in appropriate school behavior 101, but you’d be surprised how many people have side conversations in a college level class. The really stupid thing about this one is that 9 times out of 10 inappropriate talking and side conversations are actually related to the class content. Instead of hurting your grade by making a comment out loud to yourself or your neighbor, earn participation brownie points by sharing you ideas with the entire class. And if you are just talking about your day or talking about the professor, be quiet.

Not Paying Attention

This one is right behind not talking during class on the list of really poor classroom etiquette. Despite widespread knowledge that you really need to participate during class, this is probably the number one thing students do that make their professors bonkers. Not paying attention comes in the form of distractions like playing on your phone, doing things other than taking notes on your laptop, or good old fashioned day dreaming. Not paying attention can also manifest as blatant apathy like sleeping, leaving the classroom regularly, or working on another class’s work. It’s always best to give your class your undivided attention. Doing things like participating, taking notes, and asking questions can help you avoid distractions by keeping you engaged with the material and the professor.

Gathering Your Things Before You are Dismissed

I know you are busy and you have another class across campus in 15 minutes, but please refrain from packing up you backpack during the last 5 minutes of class. College classes don’t meet often and go by quickly. Your professor needs every minute. Plus, they often tie together important points or make announcements during those last few minutes. I see students miss important information all the time because they tune out and start packing up before class is over. Wait until your professor dismisses you to pack up. It will add only one minute more to your commute to your next class. Plus, it’s respectful.

Your homework this week...

Your homework for today is to observe your behavior in your classes. Do you do any of these things unconsciously? Why? Can you shift or change something?

Share your findings in the comments below or over on Instagram @collegehoodadvice using the #collegehoodadvicepodcast