Common College Myths & Limiting Beliefs with Selvin Quire

Common College Myths & Limiting Beliefs with Selvin Quire

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Are you the very first person in your family to go to college? Congratulations! This is an amazing achievement! Take a minute to really feel pride for all the hard work and determination it took you to get to this place.

My guest, Selvin Quire and I are also the first people in our families to attend college. We are both personally familiar with the unique pressures, misconceptions, and limiting beliefs that often come with being what's known in the higher ed biz as a first-generation student. 

Even if you aren't the first in your family to attend college many of the myths, tips, and advice we explore in this episode are also applicable to you. Our chief objective is to expose you to some of the ideas or perceptions that may contribute to you feeling like you don't belong, beating yourself up over small failures, and feeling confused or overwhelmed by all the demands placed on you by college life. 

My hope for today is that you are able to free yourself from some of the common limiting myths and misconceptions we share today. The big takeaway is that best way to combat not knowing what you don’t know is a willingness to be okay with not knowing and ask as many questions as you can.

Remember you have the power to create an awesome college experience and life. Now get out there and take some action.


More About Selvin Quire

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Selvin is one of the co-founders and CEO of InQuire Higher, a college consulting company that serves the greater Chicago and Los Angeles areas. He has over six years of higher education experience and holds a master's degree in college student personnel. Guided by his own undergraduate experience and work in the fields of financial aid and academic advising, Selvin is a strong advocate for the opportunities and personal growth college can provide for all students.

Connect with Selvin at or on social media @inquirehigher


Your homework this week...

Go ask an official on your campus about something you're unsure about. This can be asking your professor for help, asking how to join an organization, asking how to check out a library book...just ask someone on your campus a question you've been too nervous to ask. Then report back here in the comments on what you asked and how you feel now. Enjoy This Episode? Subscribe.

Enjoy This Episode? Subscribe.

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