3 Things All Successful Students Have in Common

3 Things All Successful Students Have in Common

Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to make it in college? I know I spent, at least, the first semester of college hoping that no one would figure out what a giant imposter I was. I had no idea what I was doing! I was a first generation college student from a small rural high school whose parents were over the moon proud, but had no idea how to help me prepare for the transition to my college experience.

Of course, I thought this was totally normal until I started meeting other college students who had clearly been exposed to the culture and expectations of college life. Enter doubt. I shifted from feeling on top of the world after high school graduation to hoping no one would notice that I was totally in the dark on this whole college thing.

I muddle my way through faking it until I made it, but I soon learned that having educated parents, money, and an amazing high school didn’t guarantee an amazing college experience. In fact, my boyfriend at the time, one of the most privileged people I knew, was failing miserably at college because he was not willing to do these 3 things.

In my many years helping students, I’ve seen students with every advantage fail at college and I’ve seen students with the odds stacked against them squeeze every drop of value out of the college experience. The difference between these two types of students had nothing to do with where they came from and everything to do with their behaviors and mindset. That is why this week, I’m sharing the 3 key behaviors I’ve observed that all students who succeed in college share.  


3 Must Have Behaviors for a Successful College Experience

Strong Work Ethic

You’ve got to be willing to work hard for the money! College actually requires you to put forth the effort to learn, do cool things, and meet interesting people. Gone are the days when you party at a frat house all day only to show up in your class for an exam. Real life requires you to actually put forth some effort to learn some stuff, experience things, and network.

Great Productivity

Today productivity is all the rage because most of us are absolutely terrible at it. We’re distracted, we’re built to procrastinate, and we have way too much stuff on our plates. Finding a really good system for keeping up with tasks, scheduling time well, and leaving enough space for you to be a full, healthy person is absolutely essential to success at college.

The Ability to Ask for Help

Asking for help does not make you look stupid. I repeat, asking for help does not make you look stupid. All the smart, successful people are doing it. When you are lost, stuck, confused, and you’ve exhausted your resources for figuring things out it’s time to ask for some help! Colleges and Universities have tons of resources to help you along your journey through college.


The big takeaway from this episode is the importance of your actions. Hard work, good organization, and the ability to ask for help when you need it are critical to success during college no matter where you come from. Remember you have the power to create an amazing college experience.

Your Homework:

Let us know which one of these behaviors you plan to work on in the comments below and share this episode with a friend who would benefit from the show.

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