How to Know if Pre-Med is Right for You with Jason De La Rosa


Are you thinking about being a doctor when you grow up? Pursuing a pre-med or pre-health profession during college is like going paleo. It is not just a thing you’re doing, it’s a lifestyle change that requires the adoption of specific habits, behaviors, and routines that are tremendously rewarding, but also really challenging. We're here to help!

This week Katy chats with her good friend and the Associate Director of Pre-Health Professions, Jason De La Rosa, about what it takes to be pre-med in the first of a two part series on being a pre-med student. Jason shares his secrets for helping students from a wide range of backgrounds make their way to medical school. He shares both inspiration and actionable techniques to help you reach your pre-med goals. Plus, they chat about common challenges pre-med students face, red flags that pre-med is not for you, the biggest myths about being pre-med, and how to decide between doctor, nurse, vet, dentist, etc...

Now we want to hear from you! Share your #premedgoals with us in the comments below. We would love to cheer you on. Plus, sharing your goals makes them real and inspires others.


More About Jason De La Rosa

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Jason De La Rosa is a higher education professional, hailing from San Antonio, Texas. He discovered his passion for people as a first-generation college student at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas where he earned a Bachelor's in both Sociology and Psychology. Upon graduation, he worked in Residence Life, before realizing that he needed to visit the birthplace of American Sociology, while earning his Master's Degree in the Social Sciences (with an emphasis in Sociology) at the University of Chicago. After serving eight years as an academic advisor for the honors program at a small liberal arts university, Jason developed a Pre-Health Professions community on his campus.  In a very short period of time, he has created and implemented programming, events, uniform advising for all Pre-Health students, as well as  built a network of off-campus colleagues to provide experiential learning opportunities and successful pathways into health professions programs for his students. Jason finds his work with pre-health students to be the most rewarding professional opportunity he has had, and looks forward to helping more students reach their health professions goals.

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