What I Wish I Knew at 18: Voices from SXSWEDU


Do you ever wonder if anyone else understands what you are feeling? Maybe you’ve wondered if you are the only one out there dreaming about something bigger or maybe you're feeling pretty confused and overwhelmed or both. Spoiler alert: You are not alone! In this episode, Katy shares what educators, change makers, and leaders from around the country wished they had know at 18.

Each March people from all over the world descend on Austin, Texas for the SXSW Conference and Festival. South By Southwest describes itself "as helping creative people achieve their goals." Each year just prior to the interactive, film, and music components of the conference, educators, entrepreneurs, and innovators come together to share ideas, research, and strategies to advance teaching and learning.

I adore this conference because its one of the very few times that classroom teachers, education leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs all come together to discuss challenges and solutions facing education. 

It was the perfect opportunity to collect some collegehood advice straight from the experts. But rather than ask them questions about their particular area of expertise,  I wanted to know what they what they wished they had know at 18. Because the truth is, even these wildly successful people didn't have it all together at 18. We all have to start somewhere and we all have lessons to learn.  

Their advice ranged from not taking yourself too seriously all the way to work a little harder and everything in between. 

Thank you to all the folks who spared a few minutes of their conference to share their wisdom with our listeners.

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