How to Create School & Work Balance

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In many ways going to college is a lot like having a full -time job. Once you add up going to class, studying, involvement, taking care of yourself and hanging out you actually surpass the time a professional adult spends on work each week. But for many of you, the rising costs of college plus limited access to financial aid requires that you add a part-time (sometimes full-time) job to your already very full college life.

This week Katy shares several strategies for creating school/work balance. Plus, she walks you through how much time professors expect you to spend preparing for their classes.

Steps you can take to begin creating more school/work balance in your life include:

  • Balancing time spend on school and work.
  • Learning to say yes to you
  • Scheduling in your to-do list
  • Calculating earnings vs. long term costs

Working while going to school is often unavoidable and in many cases really stressful. Our goal this week is to help you create a sustainable school/work balance while making make informed decisions about how best to manage your college experience. 

Now we want to hear from you! Share you strategies for creating balance while you work and go to school in the comments. You wisdom is valuable and can help someone else trying to create a better college experience.

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