8 Things to Consider Before Transferring Schools

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Did you know that nearly 33% of college students transfer to a new college or university. There are tons of reasons why a student may make the move to a new school. Some have completed community college and are ready to attend a 4 year University. Others settled at their current school hoping that strong performance will allow them to transfer to their dream school. Still others find that they simply aren't a good match with their current school.

Transferring schools has tons of pros and cons. It can be transformational. The difference between studying the subject you want and connecting with the right community. It can also be extremely detrimental. Resulting in lost time, money, and energy.  In this week's episode, Katy walks you through some important questions to ask and things to consider before making the big move to a knew school. 

We've also created a downloadable transfer check list to help you step by step through this journey:

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