5 Things to Do Before Changing Your Major


The decision to select a particular major can be filled with pressure. Pretty much every person you meet during collegehood will ask you “what’s your major.” You know, no pressure.

The truth is that despite the assumption that you should have your life figured out by 18. It is developmental appropriate to choose your life’s work from ages 18-24. In fact, most undergraduates change their major at some point during college. And most people’s life work is not even directly connected to their major.

In this episode, Katy will walk you through key things to consider, factors you need to research and people you should consult before making the move to change your major.

Now we want to hear from you. Have you changed your major? What key people, resources, and services did you consult during your decision making process? Do you have any words of wisdom for listeners currently considering making the move to a better major match?


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