How to Change Your Major Despite Family Expectations with Stephanie Shih

 Photo by bruce mars from Pexels

Photo by bruce mars from Pexels

This week our guest, Stephanie Shih, shares her Collegehood story. She tells how she came to the decision to switch her global studies and pre-med major for a degree in international business.  Her decision to abandon her family's dream she would one day be a doctor laid the path for her to grow into her true self and travel the world.

Stephanie's interview provides so much wisdom for any student struggling to shed family expectations. She also provides a heavy dose of really good advice on the value of study abroad, internships, and self care during college.

During her sophomore year of college, Stephanie, found that she was not happy with her decision to be a doctor. She felt overwhelmed, stressed, tired, and was underperforming to boot! She was terrified that she would disappoint her parents who had sacrificed so much for her to be in college. After mustering the bravery to share her goal to study international business with her family, she unexpectedly found that they really just want to support her in her pursuit to help others. Once she shed the burden of pre-med she began traveling the world, working fun internships, and landed a job with Whole Foods Market several months out of college. 

More About Stephanie Shih


Stephanie is currently a Data Analyst at Whole Foods Market in Austin, Texas. She loves to travel all over the world. She's a big foodie (as shown on her insta). Kindness and passion define her. She loves to spend her free time taking long walks with her significant other when the weather is perfect. 

Keep up with Stephanie by following her on Instagram @stephskis 

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