How to Change Careers with Jessica Cottrell


This week our guest, Jessica Cottrell, shares her Collegehood story. She shares how she came to the decision to abandon her global studies major in order to create her own major in modern languages instead. Little did she know at the time, that this decision would pave the way for her current passion, coding.

I adore Jessica's interview because it beautifully captures the importance of tuning into your  genuine needs and adapting your plans when they are not in alignment with who you truly are. Plus, she shares tons of honest and wise advice for navigating the ups and downs of college.

Just a few weeks into her freshman year, Jessica, realized that she did not like politics and international relations quite as much as the other students in her classes. What she really wanted was to learn more about cultures and language. Unfortunately, her university didn't offer a degree that entirely matched these interests. After consulting with her advisor, she decided to take the university up on its very flexible liberal studies degree and created a custom modern languages major that allowed for 3 distinct study abroad experiences 

This brave decision allowed to study a subject she was actually interested in, learn 4 languages and travel the globe. Since graduation, Jessica has continued her travel and worked in multiple roles in International Education. Today she has expanded her love for language to coding languages.

More About Jessica Cottrell


Jessica is currently a Program Manager and Operations Specialist at Arizona State University's Thunderbird School of Global Management. She is also a learning and teaching coding through Thinkful where she strives to help others realize that ANYONE can code. In addition to learning new languages and trotting the globe, Jessica loves hot yoga, live music, and dogs.

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