How to Raise Your Grades


Are you totally freaking out about your grades? Maybe your grades aren’t where you want them to be? Maybe you haven’t given your best this semester?

We’ve all been there. Time can fly when you are really busy. You’re trucking along doing your thing, hanging with friends, doing your homework. Then...Bam!! There are suddenly only 3 more weeks left in the semester and you’re grades are not where you want them to be.

That’s why this week Katy is sharing 4 simple, yet very important strategies for improving your grades at the end of the semester. Finishing strong at the end can move your grade as much as one full letter grade. In this episode we’ll explore ways to make sure you are moving your grade up instead of down.

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Let us know how the end of your semester is going? What grade do you want to improve? What’s your game plan for improving your grades at the end of this semester?

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