How to Stay Ahead of Your Homework

How to Stay Ahead of Your Homework

We are so excited to launch the Collegehood Advice podcast. Katy has dreamed about bringing this podcast to life for years. College is one of the most fun and amazing experiences, but it can also be really stressful and challenging. 

Collegehood Advice is here to help minimize your learning curve by sharing our best academic performance strategies, stories from people who have been there, and advice from the experts to help you find a major that matches your unique personality, get everything done while also being a well balanced human, and make sense of all the demands and opportunities you’ll encounter at college.

Who is Katy?

Katy lives in vibrant and hip Austin, TX with her husband, small children, and crazy, high energy puppy. Over the last 15 years she has worked as an academic advisor and coach guiding students to use their college experience to design a life that aligns with their authentic self and also as college history instructor working with students to understand where we come from and how we can make the world a little better place. 

She believes that the time we spend learning and growing in college is one of the most unique and magical moments in our development. Our collegehood phase is an opportunity to discover who we are, expand our knowledge and understanding of the world around us, and engage in new relationships, communities, and experiences. She loves helping students clarify their identity, design the path they want to walk, and transform their intentions into action. 

How Do You Get Off the Homework Treadmill?

My number one secret to minimizing stress while maximizing your chance for making an A on your next assignment is to work on your assignments the moment they are assigned not right before they are due.

This means if your professor introduces an assignment in class that is due say in two weeks, instead of placing the assignment at the back of your mind or the bottom of your backpack. Go home that day and begin work on the assignment. This simple yet often overlooked strategy can greatly transform performance by

  • giving you time and space to think about the assignment

  • making work on the assignment faster and more efficient because the content your instructor provided to prepare you will be fresh in your mind

  • giving you an opportunity to get extra help if you need it from your professor, the writing center, or a tutor

  • allowing you to visit office hours to ask clarifying questions if you feel confused

  • providing time and space to actually do the assignment well

  • eliminating the stress that comes with rushing at the last minute only to find you needed more time

  • allowing you to respond to life’s little curve getting sick, having a fight, getting into a minor wreck.

This approach to getting assignments done gives YOU back control over your time. Instead of asking for an extension because you got sick the day before the due date or turning in shoddy work because your friend’s birthday was the night before your due date you can have your assignment totally done ahead of time so you can rest up and get better or enjoy and celebrate your friend homework guilt free.

This strategy works at its best when you start your semester off this way, but you can recover from the homework treadmill mid-semester too. To get off the homework treadmill take a day this week or next weekend to catch up on all of the homework that is due in the next five days. You may have to clear your social calendar to get this done. It’s only one weekend. Real friends will understand and maybe even join you. Then the very next time you get a new assignment start working on it that day. 

Let us know how you'll take back control of your life in the comments below.

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