Parent Resources

The transition to college can be hard for both students and the loved ones who support them. Whether you’re looking to help your child smoothly transition to college or you want to help them get back on track after a rough semester, we’ve got free tools and paid services to help your student thrive.


Collegehood Tools & Services for Students

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Free Resource Library

Inside the Collegehood Resource Library students will have unlimited access to all of my free tools & resources to start building the habits, skills, and behaviors your student needs to thrive during college. Inside they'll access curated podcast playlists, guides, workshops, and tools to help them earn great grades, manage their time, get organized, reduce stress, and select their major.



1-on-1 coaching is especially helpful for students who need more direct guidance and feedback as they work to figure out what they want to do with their life. Over 12 weeks, I'll personally walk your student step-by-step through my system for identifying their path while also providing direct guidance and feedback as they work to figure things out.  


Life Lab Program

This self-directed online program is for students who feel comfortable and confident walking through a system to figure out their life on their own. This is a great fit for students who are motivated to do the work to clarify their life’s goals, identify career opportunities that align with their interests and talents, and determine the steps they need to take to start their journey after graduation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know If my student is a good fit for your services?

Any rising college student, current undergraduate, or recent graduate who is unsure about what they might like to major in or is uncertain about what they might like to do for work after graduation will benefit from my coaching and programs. My services focus on helping students identify majors, careers, and roles that are in alignment with their curiosity, interests, values, personality traits, strengths, and purpose. My work is dedicated to helping students hone in on how they truly want to spend their time on earth, then helps them strategically begin to acquire the skills, connections and experiences they need to actually make their dreams their reality.

Developmentally, the college transition can be challenging and the late teen/early twenties can be a tumultuous time in a young person’s life. The right kind of help at the right time can be critical to a student’s personal and academic success. If your student is committed to starting college on the right foot or getting back on track after a difficult start, my services may be a good fit. However, if your son or daughter is struggling with bigger life issues that have either just manifested or have not yet been addressed, such as depression, anxiety, or addictive tendencies, it is advisable to address these issues first and consider my coaching as an important form of support once appropriate treatment is sought.

Do You help students with college admission?

No, I do not currently assist with the college admissions process, but I can connect you with fantastic college essay coaches and admissions consultants. My services are focused on preparing and supporting students through the transition to college and the college experience itself.

Are Your services for high school students?

Yes! Although I do not assist with college admission, I do help rising college students identify their major and cultivate key behaviors, habits, and skills they need in order to utilize their investment in college to intentionally and strategically begin to lay the groundwork for a successful post graduate experience.

are your services different than the Academic Support SErvices Found on my student’s campus?

Yes! My content, coaching, and programs focus on supporting a student’s personal development rather than on guiding them through a particular course or university system. I guide students to dive deeper into their personal habits, behaviors, and skills, hold them accountable and curate high-quality online resources and tools that they can access when they need them most. Clients report more effectively utilizing campus services and opportunities after working with me.

Additionally, our content promotes and guides students to intentionally and strategically utilize their college experience to get as much value from the experience as possible. My goal is to help students actively and intentionally engage with the experience so that they select a major that aligns with their interests, passions, and goals, connect with mentors and networks that will support their efforts, and gain relevant experiences that will prepare them for life beyond the classroom.

Do you help students earn scholarships and financial aid?

No, I do not provide any support regarding scholarship and financial aid at this time. But I’m always happy to refer to resources that can help.

Do you Provide services for students with learning differences?

Yes! Students with medical/psychological conditions or learning differences can benefit from my free resources, online programs and coaching services, however, I do not provide any specialized services and coaching tailored to these conditions. If you are looking for specialized therapies and treatments for a particular medical/psychological condition or learning difference I strongly recommend consulting the appropriate professional or provider for guidance.