Hi, I’m Katy! My personal mission is to empower you to realize your fullest potential by connecting you to your greatest asset…yourself.

I spent most of my college experience feeling lost, unmotivated, and confused, but pretending that I had it together. This was exhausting and made college SO MUCH HARDER.

I was under the false assumption that I needed to become something more than myself to be successful in life.

But as I aged and helped students from around the world navigate their college experience, I realized that the key to a successful and fulfilling life isn’t becoming something you’re not. It’s fully embracing who you are at your core and aligning that truth with how you spend your time.

The difference between highly successful people and the rest of us is clarity about what they want + a willingness to take the steps they need to take to make it happen even when they face setbacks.

This means that no matter who you are or where you come from you have the power to build a life that you love by getting:

  • crystal clear on what you want

  • going for it one step at a time

  • enlisting resources and support to help you face setbacks along the way

I created Collegehood Advice to help you do just that. Here you’ll find content, tools, and coaching to help you #beyounow and bring your gifts to the world.

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