Podcast Guest Guide


Thank You for Being a Guest on the Show! 

We are very excited to discuss your story and share your experience, wisdom, and insight with our listeners. This guide will provide you with the steps to prepare for an amazing interview.

Some things you should know...

Our conversation will be recorded using Skype’s audio function. Our editor and co-producer, Paul, will edit our conversation, so its entirety may not make it into the final cut. We will also determine if this conversation is best used in a compilation or stand alone episode.

How to Prepare for a Taping:

Before the Taping:

  1. Schedule Your Taping with Katy

  2. Sign the Podcast Guest Release

  3. Complete Pre-Show Questionnaire

  4. Sign Up For or Update Skype

  5. Accept Katy’s Skype Contact Request

  6. Read this article: 15 Tips for an On-Point Podcast Guest Appearance

Day of the Taping:

  1. Be Your Beautiful Self

  2. Adopt the 15 Tips from the Article Above, but pay special attention to these few:

  3. Lay a towel over the table or desk where you are sitting

  4. Use a mic if you have one. Iphone ear buds work great.

  5. Find a quiet space & turn off your phone/ devices that might notify you

  6. Avoid reading prepared answers. We’re just having a conversation.

  7. Have Fun, Be Yourself.

  8. Login & Setup Skype prior to recording session:

  9. Plug in your microphone

  10. Set audio/video preferences to the external mic (skype > preferences > audio/video > choose appropriate mic in dropdown)

  11. Katy will contact you via Skype at our scheduled recording time.

  12. Katy's Skype Handle (katy_3995)

After the Taping:

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.

  2. We will notify you via email when the show will air.

  3. Let others know about your journey by promoting the show to all your circles.


Documents to Complete Before Your Taping:


Guest Release

Please complete, sign, and return to the guest release form to katy@collegehoodadvice.com prior to your taping.


Pre-Show Prep

Katy will send you a few customized questions to help you prepare for your conversation. These questions are only a guide. The actually taping will feel more like a conversation.


Interested in Being a Guest on the Show?

We are currently accepting guests for Season 2 which runs from August 2018 to June 2019. If you are a current college senior, higher education professional, or expert in personal development we'd love to hear from you.