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#4 How to Jump Start Your Motivation

The latest research on motivation has found that we perform at our best when we are experiencing intrinsic motivation, our own internal enjoyment. We are much more likely to take action and follow through when we have an authentic internal connection to what we’re doing. Intrinsic motivation is especially important when trying to complete complex tasks, like earning a college degree.

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#12 How to Balance School & Work

In many ways going to college is a lot like having a full -time job. Once you add up going to class, studying, involvement, taking care of yourself and hanging out you actually surpass the time a professional adult spends on work each week. But for many of you, the rising costs of college plus limited access to financial aid requires that you add a part-time (sometimes full-time) job to your already very full college life.

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#21 How to Get More Sleep

Are you exhausted despite getting a solid 6 hours, napping most days, and sleeping until 2 p.m. on Saturdays? Wondering why you can’t get to that 8 a.m. and why you hit snooze 10 times before getting out of bed? Join Katy as she shares how to figure out how much sleep you truly need, why sleep is essential to health, happiness, and academic performance, and strategies for getting the sleep you need even during college.

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#38 How to Organize Your Week in 20 Minutes

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed by all the stuff you’ve got to get done each week? Do you wish you could get your stuff done with time to spare? This is the number one challenge that my coaching clients and students face. If you’re someone whose got a ton of things to do in a limited amount of time with no end in sight this strategy will change your life in about 20 minutes a week.

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#48 3 Common Goal Setting Mistakes

Goals can be a great way to keep you on track, but like anything else they can work against you when they aren’t quite right. If you’ve ever beat yourself up because you didn’t met your goals or you’ve ever felt really unmotivated to do the things you need to do to reach your goals one of these common goal setting mistakes might just be at the bottom of it.

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#56 How to Get Your Homework Under Control

Ever feel like there is too much to do and not enough time to do it.? Like you’re always rushing at the last minute? That you’re stressed out and maybe even a little freaked out about how you’re going to get all your stuff done before it’s due?

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#58 How to Have Your Most Motivated Week Ever

When it was time to study for a test or sit down to write a paper I suddenly got the urge for chocolate chip cookies and a clean room. If this sounds familiar, don’t beat yourself up. It’s totally normal to procrastinate and avoid things that require our focus and effort.

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