Current College Students


If you are looking for a major that aligns with YOU, better grades, less stress, and more clarity start here. This is a curated collection of our favorite strategies to help you transform from just getting by to using your investment in college to create the life you want.

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Free Guide: College Success Starter Kit

Learn 25 tips and strategies for navigating 5 of college's biggest challenges. This totally free 25 page guide is jam packed with tips to help you not only survive but thrive during college.


Free Audio Training: How to Know if You Have the Right Major

Learn 3 traits to look for when selecting a major that aligns with your personality and purpose. 


Collegehood Advice Podcast: #22 How to Create a Fulfilling Life

Learn why choosing a major that leads to a lucrative job does not equal a happy life.


Collegehood Advice Podcast: #28 3 Things All Successful Students Have in Common

Learn 3 behaviors that all successful students have in common.


Start a Collegehood Advice Listening Club

Think book club, but for podcasts. Listening clubs are an opportunity for you and your friends to consider, discuss, and take action on creating a better college experience together. There is a lot of power in groups. Listening clubs harness the support and creativity of community to help you actually follow through on their goals.