Figure Out Your Life

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#10 5 Things to Do Before Changing Your Major

The decision to select a particular major can be filled with pressure. Pretty much every person you meet during collegehood will ask you “what’s your major.” You know, no pressure. The truth is that despite the assumption that you should have your life figured out by 18. It is developmental appropriate to choose your life’s work from ages 18-24. In fact, most undergraduates change their major at some point during college. And most people’s life work is not even directly connected to their major.

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#19 How to Know if Pre-Med is Right for You

Are you thinking about being a doctor when you grow up? Pursuing a pre-med or pre-health profession during college is like going paleo. It is not just a thing you’re doing, it’s a lifestyle change that requires the adoption of specific habits, behaviors, and routines that are tremendously rewarding, but also really challenging. We're here to help!

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#22 How to Start Figuring Out Your Life

Are you struggling to figure out your life? Figuring out your life is about way more than figuring out what you're going to be when you grow up. It’s really about knowing yourself and how you want to spend your precious time on earth. Join Katy to learn her 2 step process for sorting through your personality, strengths, and values to figure out want to do with your life.

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#23 How to Create a Fulfilling Life

Have you ever stopped to think about why you're in college? Is it to land an awesome job, to have financial security, to create a better life. Does it really boil down to trying to be happy? We thought so.

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#45 How to Leverage Any Major into a Successful Career

In this episode guest Alex Ellison, an Independent Education Consultant, Speaker, and Author, joins Katy to explore the myth that each major leads to a specific career and what that means for your education and entrance into the world of work.

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#63 Is Your Major Causing Your Low Motivation?

If you’re in a major that is good, but not great it could be literally sucking the energy right out of you. You know the one I’m talking about... The major you settled on because it seemed practical. The one your family friend recommended because you happen to be good at math. The one you decided to pursue after you placed you dream career on the back burner so you could major in something more realistic. Yeah, that one.

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#66-#69 4 Things Getting in the Way of Figuring Out Your Life Series

At the center of every typical #collegeproblem is usually a misalignment between what you are actually doing with your time and what you really want to do with your life. This can look like confusion about which thing you love should be the one thing you do with your life. Or it might look like having no idea what you want to do. Feeling disconnected from why you are in college can make the college experience way more challenging, but many of us come by this confusion honestly.

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