Coaching Services

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Online Coaching Packages:

The Thriving Student Program:

Gain clarity, stay motivated, and take action in this 3-month program for rising and current college students. This program is great for students who would like to change things but need guidance, support and accountability to actually make things happen. The thriving student uses a mixture of personal coaching and online exercises to help you:

  • Develop healthy academic habits and skills

  • Build sustainable organizational and time management systems

  • Select a college major that aligns with you

  • Identify purpose centered career pathways

  • Leverage the college experience to prepare for professional opportunity

The Thriving Student Includes: 

  • 12 weekly coaching calls

  • Weekly College Success Exercises

  • Unlimited Email & Voxer Voice Messaging Support



Space is Limited. Schedule your free call discovery and secure your Spot for fall 2019.

The Strategy Session

Need a little help figuring out your next best step? This deep dive coaching session is great for rising and current college students. Together we will trouble shoot one specific challenge or create a plan to help you achieve one specific goal. This service is great for people who are highly motivated and really good at following through, but could use a little help with making a decision or creating a plan. The strategy sessions uses personal coaching to help you:

  • Select a major

  • Identify opportunities on your campus

  • Improving your G.P.A.

  • Get organized

  • Select a career pathway

The Strategy Session Include:

  • 90 minute coaching call

  • Detailed summary call and action plan with resources to help you make your next step happen

  • 1 month Email & Voxer Voice Messaging Support



Client Testimonials

Katy listened and then talked me through my options. Everything she told me made complete and total sense I just didn’t have the benefit of “seeing the forest for the trees” as she put it. Katy brought a lot of empathy and humor to a coaching session that left me feeling relieved and armed with tools.
— Aaron K., Grand Prairie, Texas
I am so happy that I had a coaching session with Katy. I feel much more focused and confident in my next steps. She really helped me move past the frightening “Oh God, did I really quit my job of 7 years?” to “I have a definite next step to finding a great career.”
— Clare S., Temple, Texas
Untitled design (49).png
I was overwhelmed with the thought of returning to school after 15+ years. Thanks to Katy and her knowledge the prospect of returning to school was made much less daunting.
— Beau D., New York, New York

Not Sure If Investing in Coaching is Right For You?

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I totally get it. Coaching might seem like a big investment, but coaching can also save you A LOT of time, money, and energy in the long run by shortening your learning curve and accelerating your progress.

You don’t have to waste time and energy by figuring things out on your own. I can help you quickly clear the clutter and zone in on your next best step.

Let’s jump on a call to determine if coaching is right for you.