Hi! I'm Katy

Founder of Collegehood and Host of the Collegehood Advice podcast. It's my purpose to help college students figure out their life.

I love serving the world by encouraging college students to go for their dreams. I believe a better world starts with more people living their potential and purpose. I am a podcaster, coach, educator, and writer serving college students who need help figuring out their life. I am lucky to empower college students to live the most authentic, meaningful, and rewarding college experience possible by helping them clarify their goals, identify opportunities, and take action.

As a professional academic advisor, college instructor, and podcaster I’ve developed content, workshops, programs, and university-wide initiatives that have helped thousands of students from around the world find success during college. When I’m not busy helping college students create an awesome college experience you can find me tending a garden, hiking a trail, figuring out life on a yoga mat, or cooking my tail off in a kitchen. You can find me in Austin, Texas soaking up the sunshine and eating tacos with my kids, husband, and dearest friends.

Professional Bio

Katy Oliveira, M.A. has 15 years experience as a professional academic advisor and coach, instructor, and university administrator. As the host of the Collegehood Advice podcast she shares approachable strategies, expert advice, and inspirational stories each week. She is a trained high school teacher and adjunct professor at St. Edward's University where she teaches American History and Current American Social Dilemmas. 

Katy is creative and innovative and uses out-of-the-box thinking to coach and teach her students. Her purpose in life is to help students find their purpose in life. Katy completed her undergraduate work at Baylor University where she studied science, classics, and history and obtained her Master of Arts in History at the University of Houston. When she's not helping college students, you can find her in a kitchen, garden, or on a hiking trail with her friends and family. 

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Paul Lambert


Paul Lambert has 20 years of experience as a classroom teacher and basketball coach.  He is the co-producer of Collegehood Advice and the voice behind the intro. He is a math guide and basketball coach at the Headwaters School. 

He has extensive experience working with a wide range of students from all backgrounds at both public and private middle and high schools. His passion is to empower young people to believe in themselves, become holistic humans, and make the world a better place. Paul completed his undergraduate degree at Stephan F. Austin University where he studied kinesiology and mathematics.

His depth of knowledge and insight on student development as well as his meticulous attention to detail bring the Collegehood Podcast to life.

When he's not teaching or editing the podcast he is working to  preserve the environment, watching Astros baseball, and spending time with his family.


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